Sunday, March 16, 2008


Yesterday we went for lunch at a new place called Kosta's.

Kosta's is a fast-food/dine-in/take-out kind of place. It is located in a strip mall near a soccer store and a Thai restaurant.

The restaurant is really big. Plenty of seating and it looks like there is a back room for small parties. There is also a small game room located in the back.

My mom and dad ordered Gyro's for themselves, the 2 pc. chicken tender kids combo meal for me and the grilled cheese pita for Piper.

The Good:

** My mom and dad said the gyros were really good. They were not greasy and the meat/onion/tomato ratio was spot on!

** The chicken tenders were really good too. The breading was really yummy, the chicken was all white meat and the BBQ sauce was fantastic!

** The fries were fresh and Piper loved them

** They have Pepsi products at Kosta's.

** The restaurant was really clean and service was fast.

The Bad:

** They didn't give us an or
der of fries.

** They over-charged my mom and dad about $5.

I give Kosta's:

Kid Friendly: 4 out of 5 Smiley Faces

Food: 4 out of 5 Smiley Faces

Gyros Chicken

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